Think Tank Meeting – the impact of policy, socioeconomic and environmental drivers on European forests

Think Tank Meeting – Connecting science and business: How policy, socioeconomic and environmental drivers impact future forest goods and services in Europe

The third TEAMING UP 4 FORESTS Think Tank meeting, hosted by IUFRO and Mondi, was held in Vienna on June 15-16 2023 and brought together over 40 representatives from science, business and other stakeholders to discuss the challenges facing pan-European forests on climate change and jointly identify solutions and response measures.

Scientific experts presented preliminary findings of the IUFRO-Mondi synthesis study, exploring ecological, policy, socio-economic, and technological drivers for the future supply of fibre and other forest goods and services. The study considers the diversity of European forests, their ownership and management structure, the impacts of possible climate change scenarios, and the importance of policy instruments, socio-economic drivers and the role of innovation to create added value.

Business representatives also shared their perspectives on fibre supply, EU policies, climate change, and the challenges in meeting corporate sustainability targets.

In small expert groups, participants engaged in lively discussions and provided feedback on the scientific findings. They emphasized the importance of knowledge transfer, societal contributions, and the impact of EU legislation on wood sourcing.

Overall, the meeting underscored the need for collaboration and informed decision-making in addressing challenges in the forest-based sector. Participants recognized the crucial role of scientific research in shaping policies and the necessity of effective communication with society. The meeting highlighted the significance of considering diverse stakeholders and the impact of EU regulations on the forestry sector.

We would like to thank all those who participated and contributed to the discussions.


The IUFRO-Mondi Partnership

Place & Date

Vienna, Austria
15 - 16 June 2023
(event has been completed)

Geographical scope

Pan-European region


Scientists with leading expertise on the topics, industry, government and forest owner representatives

Day 1 - Discussing the scientific and business implications

13:00 Registration

Coffee and tea

13:30 Opening and setting the scene

The meeting will be opened with a welcome by the IUFRO-Mondi Partnership followed by an introduction of the meeting goals, procedure, and participants.

14:00 Preliminary results of the IUFRO-Mondi study

Scientific experts will present preliminary findings of the IUFRO-Mondi synthesis study on “The Future of Goods and Services from pan-European Forests”. The findings will address three major aspects influencing the future wood supply and provision of forest goods and services including: Biological production of forests, new technologies and innovative approaches, policy related and socio-economic

14:45 Feedback round on scientific findings

Participants will have the opportunity to provide direct feedback on the scientific

15:15 Coffee and tea break

15:45 The business perspective - securing future fibre supply

Business representatives will share most pressing challenges, current adaptation strategies and information needs based on their experiences and work.

16:15 Feedback round on business perspective

Participants will have the opportunity to provide direct feedback on the business presentations.

16:30 Fusion of scientific findings and business perspective

Deep dive into the exchange between science and business regarding the future of forest goods and services in pan-European forests in the face of a changing world.

17:30-18:00 Preparing for day 2 - taking action

Participants will be informed about the next steps for driving and taking action on the second meeting day.

19:00 Dinner

Day 2 - Putting learnings into practice: Driving change and taking action

08:30 Coffee and tea

09:00 “Scenario Planning” World-Café

Discussion rounds in small groups on future scenarios including
• appropriate response measures, key stakeholders,
• drivers and barriers,
• and potential next steps

Coffee and tea break during the World Café

11:15-12:00 The way forward

Reporting, discussion, prioritization and capturing key points in plenary to paint a clear picture of how science and business can address challenges and pave the way forward.
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