Webinar – Tackling climate change: the roles of forest science and the industry

Date: 15 May 2023
Time: 15:00-16:00 CEST
Online via Zoom

Science and business need to better collaborate to address climate change on the forest-based value chain. TEAMING UP 4 FORESTS is a platform connecting science, business and key stakeholders to better understand climate change impacts on forests and identify response measures. Join our webinar and get involved!

The webinar is designed for early-career scientists and business professionals. This will be a prequel and information session leading up to several physical events later in 2023 and a great opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals and drive positive change.

Moderator: Daniel Boehnke, Partnership Manager
Welcome and discussion: Dirk Laengin, Mondi Group; Alexander Buck, IUFRO
Speakers: Andrey Krasovskiy, IIASA; Mathea Euler-Rolle, Mondi Group

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  • Getting to know TEAMING UP 4 FORESTS
    Since its launch in 2021, TEAMING UP 4 FORESTS connects science, business and key stakeholders of the forest value chain. The Partnership Steering Group, represented by Dirk and Alexander, will give a brief introduction of the goals, values and activities.
  • Climate change impacts distilled
    Andrey, Research Scholar at the IIASA research institute, will explain how climate change impacts European forests at a differing pace and intensity. Get insights on modelling forest management can play a major role in assessing trade-offs and synergies.
  • Understanding the industry perspective
    As a global paper and packaging company with roughly 80% of its products fibre-based, Mondi Group depends on responsibly sourced wood fibre. Mathea will give insights into key considerations when it comes to climate change impacts on fibre-based raw materials.
  • Q&A session
  • How to get involved in TEAMING UP 4 FORESTS – Submit your research/work topic!
    TEAMING UP 4 FORESTS aims to broaden its professional network – and you could be a future participant! Submit a 500-word abstract of your current research topic or area of work related to climate-fit forestry by 24 May to [email protected]

After a voting, the winner will be invited to the platform’s Think Tank meeting in Vienna (15-16 June) on the topic of ‘Future Forest Goods and Services in Europe’. Join and connect to renowned scientists and experienced business professionals of the forest industry!



Mathea Euler-Rolle

Wood Sourcing Specialist at Mondi Group, Packaging and Paper. Mathea works closely with wood purchasing organizations, to ensure the Group’s sustainable wood sourcing practices align with its environmental and social goals. With her previous experience working in research focusing on a steep slope harvesting system, Mathea is highly motivated to contribute to the exchange of knowledge between science and industry.


Doris Unterrainer

Sustainability Engagement and Reporting Specialist at Mondi Group. Doris has been working as corporate sustainability project manager with a focus on reporting and communications for more than four years. She’s passionate about engaging on sustainability matters and supports the TEAMING UP 4 FORESTS platform in driving effective communication.


Andrey Krasovskiy

Dr. Krasovskiy is a mathematical modeler, specializing in simulations, control problems, and optimization, with applications in ecosystems, economics, technology, and social sciences. He gained research experience in the field of land use and forest modeling including forest disturbances with particular emphasis on the modeling of European, Eurasian (i.e., Russia), Asian (i.e., Indonesia), and global wildland fires.


Daniel Boehnke

Partnership Manager

As part of the partnership management team, Daniel Boehnke organizes the partnership meetings and major events and creates mutual learning opportunities.


Alexander Buck

Steering Group

Alexander Buck, IUFRO Executive Director, co-leads the partnership as part of the Steering Group and mobilizes scientific expertise from the IUFRO network.


Dirk Längin

Steering Group

Dirk Längin, Group Head of Fibre Sourcing at Mondi, co-leads the partnership as part of the Steering Group and shares experiences of the forest-based industry.

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